Why Your Sewer Needs A Vacuum Cleaning

If it's the summer or fall, it might be time for a sewer vacuum cleaning. During these times of the year, rain can cause debris to clog the sewer system. Vacuuming is often used in combination with jetting to remove debris.

High-Pressure Water Hoses and Vacuum Systems

Jetting involves the use of a high-pressure water hose to dislodge dirt and flush it into the gully hole. The nozzle moves deeper and deeper into the sewer as it removes debris. A vacuum is then used to remove solids that are then disposed of in a sludge tank.

Both systems are more efficient if they are used in combination. Oftentimes, this will require two workers, with one handling the vacuum and the other using the water hose. One individual stands further upstream to make sure that the hose is moving as it should.

High-Pressure Clog Removal

You'll need vacuum cleaning equipment that is able to generate a PSI high enough that will allow you to blast through any kind of blockage. Otherwise, the clog will cause the sewer to backup. A sewer backup is very unsanitary and can cause damage to your home and also make it smell very bad.

State and Federal Regulations

The waste needs to be disposed of in compliance with state and federal regulations. For this reason, it's better to hire a vacuum cleaning service experienced at cleaning sewers than to handle it yourself. One way to ensure that your sewer is always kept clean is to sign up for a maintenance contract.

The Importance of Sewer Cleaning

Sewer cleanings are important because they protect the environment. When there is a serious blockage, this can lead to sewage leaking out of cracks and crevices in your home and can also leak out into the surrounding environment. Regular vacuum cleaning will ensure that a forming blockage is cleaned out before it becomes a serious problem. 

When your sewer is not functioning properly, this can lead to foul odors. This is the result of wastewater sitting in your pipes. The odor can rise from your sewers and can be released from plumbing appliances. 

Vacuum cleaning also allows you to avoid having to repair your sewer system. When your sewer is suffering from a serious blockage, this can lead to more expensive repairs than what you would have to pay to hire a truck to come out and vacuum your sewer. Contact a company like Tierra Environmental & Industrial Services to get started today.

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If it's the summer or fall, it might be time for a sewer vacuum cleaning. During these times of the year, rain can cause debris to clog the sewer syst