3 Ways Hiring A Vibration Consultant Can Save Your Factory Money

Vibration engineers wear many hats and work on many projects, but their role doesn't end once construction finishes or a factory goes into operation. If you operate a facility that utilizes heavy machinery, vibrations are a part of daily life for your equipment and employees. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that the vibrations produced by your equipment meet your facility's original specifications.

Equipment that operates out of specification, or even minor problems in the design of your facility, can potentially lead to costly and even catastrophic outcomes. If you don't currently spend much time thinking about the vibrations produced by your machinery, here are three ways that hiring a vibration consultant can improve efficiency and save money for your business.

1. Identify Problematic Machinery

Identifying problems by "feel" in an environment such as a factory floor is often challenging, if not impossible. Even with routine maintenance and regular inspections, it's not always possible to tell if machinery is operating as it should. In particular, equipment may be mechanically sound but improperly secured, balanced, or isolated from the surrounding environment.

These problems can lead to poor output, inefficient operation, or, in severe cases, operator injury. A vibration consultant will use sophisticated equipment to locate and identify problematic machinery, helping you to find problems before they affect your operations. Once you identify these issues, you can take steps to reduce or eliminate the problem.

2. Improve Worker Safety

Workplace injuries can be surprisingly costly, in addition to devastating for those that they affect. Unfortunately, occupational exposure to consistent vibrations can be a common source of sometimes severe workplace injuries. These injuries can reduce the quality of life for your workers, harm productivity, and ultimately cost your facility money.

A vibration consultant can perform a detailed inspection and analysis of your facility, looking for areas where vibrations may pose a hazard to your workers. They can help you take steps to reduce these issues or, where that may not be possible, find ways to protect your workers better. This proactive approach can help you avoid injuries and maintain compliance with workplace safety regulations.

3. Avoid Premature Failures

Heavy equipment is highly durable, but that doesn't mean that it's immune to the problems that severe vibrations can cause. Imbalanced or misaligned equipment can vibrate in ways that reduce reliability, such as impeding proper oil flow or causing excessive wear on internal components. A seemingly minor vibration in a machine may drastically reduce its lifespan.

Vibration engineers know how to locate these problems so that you can separate normal vibrations from issues causing excessive wear on your machines. Addressing these problems will save you money over the long run by extending the life of your equipment and helping you avoid unplanned downtime and costly repairs.

To learn more, contact a vibration control consultant in your area.

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